Rihanna Crochet Tunic!

I have decided on my next project!! Have you seen the latest Rihanna's video - Man Down?

Well, this is what got my attention

Pictures and Pattern Soon!!


Crochet Swimwear

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Little Black Crochet Dress - FINISHED!

Finally I managed to end this dress. These huge projects require a lot of time, especially since I only work in my free time. I added more pictures for you to clearly see the crochet pattern - which is explained in the next post; I will also post the dress pattern with the measurement. The dress is a few inches above the knee (not below-as you may see in the pictures). The dress is not lined yet, I wore another dress just to see how it fits.


Little Black Dress - Next Project

Hi all,
I am working on a new project. A black crocheted dress, for me. For now it is only on paper. You can follow me on FACEBOOK, by visiting the page and click the LIKE button if you want to be announced when this black dress will be ready. I chose the crocheted patterns from a book and combined them to create this dress. I hope they will fit together.


Crocheted Dress - Jennifer Aniston in "Just Go with It" - FINISHED!

You can buy it from here Jennifer Dress

Here is the pattern :

From under the breasts is easier to work in concentric circles
Please let me know if you need extra instruction. I hope I made myself clear.

So, this is the dress! I finally managed to finished it! Right now I am working on the pattern so stay put. You can follow me on facebook, by visiting my page COSSALINA FACEBOOK PAGE and click the "LIKE" button, to be informed about new post on crochet patterns!


Crochet Dress - Jennifer Aniston in "Just Go with It"

You can buy it from here Jennifer Dress

Update 21.04.2011

So , here I am, working for hours and hours... and I am far from finish. It looks like the rows are longer and longer.... I used almost 300g of cotton until now.
I will post the pattern as soon as I will have some time to draw it.

I have made a little change to the original pattern I posted : under the arm (as seen in the picture) work only 6 "triple stitches part" in the first row and 5 in the second. (with 8 and 7 it was to tight.)
I worked only 3 rows of "4x triple stitches" from under the breasts, and tighten the work until I reached my waist line and I emphasize my waist by working 8 simple stitches rows. From here I started working with higher stitches and add stitches to every *simple stitch row part*. I will post the pattern as soon as possible!!

Elisa noticed that we lose 2 stitches every time we work the triple stitch part, so she suggested to work the first and the last 2 triple stitches in the same stitch.
Thank you Elisa!

Since I saw the poster at the cinema (a very large size poster), I've wanted to make this crocheted dress worn by Jennifer Aniston, in her recent movie "Just Go with It. " It just obsesses me ... : D. I will crochet it from thin cotton yarn. I will also post the crochet pattern on my blog for those who want to make it on their own. If you want to purchase the dress please contact me at alinabarsan@clicknet.ro I don't know a price yet, it depends on how much material I use, and how many hours I work.


Crochet Swimsuit - Gisella

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Crochet bikini - Mimi

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