Crochet Bikini - Adeona

Beautiful crochet bikini made of silk.
Also available in GOLD silk.


Zelia - Crochet Monokini* New Collection

Hi, this is the first crochet monokini from my new "Dolce Sole" Collection.

Sketch Pattern

The pattern will be available as soon as I complete it.
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Crocheted Top Pattern - Jennifer Aniston - "Wanderlust"

Hi all, as I promised here is the Pattern for the Jennifer Aniston Top from "Wanderlust". For the Dress Pattern you will have to wait a little more.

If you want to buy this beautiful crocheted top, you can find it HERE on my Online Shop.



I worked using my measurements (95/76/96) but you can adjust the pattern very easily by adding stitches to one side and another, without changing the basic pattern.

I used cotton thread, 433 m/100g, 25 stitches/10cm, and a 1,7 crochet hook. The top is approx 150 grams.

For the front part I started with 117 chain stitches. For the back 112. You can work the whole top (front and back together), in circles, or you can sew the front and back in the end.


I didn't test the measurement for the cups, but I will in the near future, so if you are a C cup, work the whole cup, for the B cup or A cup start as indicated, and try to place them symmetrical. Those blue dots are not stitches, they only indicate that you have to count 2 stitches before working the next single stitches. I worked the C cup directly on the top, by working all the 15 green double stitches in the same green stitch on the front-top pattern. So the B and A cup are simple triangles, but I guess they will come out very nice. (you can see my crocheted bikini - Shelly which has a similar triangle cup).

Please feel free to ask me anything!


Crocheted Top and Dress - Jennifer Aniston - "Wanderlust"

Here is the top pattern!
Hi all, I have just seen "Wanderlust", and I was amazed by the crocheted top and the crocheted dress Jennifer Aniston wears in this movie. It looks like she loves crocheted items and this movie gave her the perfect opportunity to wear them.
I will try to work the dress and top, and post the patterns. Here are some screenshots.
You can follow my progress on Facebook:


Discount on Jennifer Crocheted Dress

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Vote for my "Dolce Sole" Collection!

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Crochet Tunic - Rihanna Update

Hi all, I finally started working this crochet tunic, seen in Rihanna's video - Man Down :

This is the pattern, but I will adjust it on the way.
I started working from the bottom, circularly, the front and back together. The size is S.


Crochet Bikinis 2012 - Soon available Online

Crochet Bikinis 2012 - Soon available Online









You're in the right place!
Choose a handmade crochet swimsuit and you 'll be unique and special!
These crochet bikinis are made with love and patience... Shine on the beach or at a pool-party!!
Choose the right model for you and be special!

All bikinis are handmade from thin cotton yarn, they are lined so they are not see-through and they are soft. Also, the bottom has an elastic band sewed or crocheted around it, helping in retaining its shape and making it perfect for swimming.


If you want one, visit my online store Cossalina Online Shop

If there is a model you want, and can't find it at my store, send me an email with a picture, or explain what you want and I will answer you as soon as possible.

For any questions please email me at alinabarsan@cossalina.com

The swimming suits are send via regular mail, the shipping fees are according to weight and zone. You can check the SHIPPING AND RETURNS for more info.