White Crochet Tunic

Hello all! I started working at this white crochet tunic. This is What I've done until now.


  1. You're really good! It's gonna look great. Do you know where the original top is from? And how thick is the yarn that you use? THanks

    1. When I will find the right yarn I will let you know. I'm still looking for it. :-)

  2. it looks great. i am trying to make mine too. how far are you in the process

  3. Not far enough. It looks like I didn't find the right yarn so everything turned out to baggy . I hope to find the right yarn and continue with this wonderful tunic.

  4. Id love to have the pattern for this when youve finished it

  5. I would also love to have the pattern and yarn recommendations. Did you finish it?

  6. No , I didn't finish it.
    Sorry! :(



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